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Grandmothers- Angela Lansbury, Betty White
Grandfathers- Richard Harris, John Cleese
Mother- Doris Day
Father- Steve Carell or Harrison Ford
Brother(s)- Eddie Izzard, Robert Downey JR, Johnny Depp, Gene Kelly
Sister(s)- Zooey & Emily Deschanel, Katherine Heigl
Significant Other- Nick Frost
Best Friend(s)- Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Sandler

Yes. My celeb family would be AWESOME.

Try this. It is very fun.
  • Listening to: "Moses Supposes" - Singin in the Rain
  • Reading: H2G2
  • Watching: Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water
  • Playing: TF2. Finally. *tear*
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
Yaaay! Payday! I finally got the game I've been drooling over for months. I had to play Portal first, since TF2 was taking so freakin' long to patch/update. Normally, I am not a gamer. The best I can do is little flashed based games. MMOs, RPGs and generally anything with strategy? Not my thing. I'm just not a gamer. Portal, though? Oh. Dear. Jesus. Portal is the most fun thing I've ever played.

I'm about to start TF2, but I think I'll play offline for a while. At least until I learn the controls. This is unlike anything I've ever played before. If you would like to add me, I have no idea what to do! :D I hate being a newb. Here be my profile:… . The ID be "bandaid SAMMICH"

By the way, if anyone would like to give me a guide on how to play, it would be much obliged. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Reading: H2G2
  • Watching: Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water
  • Playing: TF2. Finally. *tear*
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
But, I haven't really been making any art. Work is such a pain.

I do have a blog that I update often, if you'd like to keep up with me there. I try to reserve this for when I need to make artistic bloggings.…
  • Listening to: "Babydoll" - The Fratellis
  • Reading: H2G2
  • Watching: Jujou Romantica S2
  • Playing: My Japanese Coach (DS)
  • Eating: Strawberry Jello
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
Walk out the door
Just turn around, now
'Cause you're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
You think I'd crumble
You think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive!

Yeah... yeah... All musical puns aside, I'm still alive from Gustav. The only thing he did was destroy our AC. Guess what, the parts have to come from Houston, too! :D

In other news, we've decided to throw a big, huge Halloween party since Halloween is on a Friday this year. I'm talking at LEAST 40 people, but I estimate around 45. I have my costume picked out and ready to order as soon as payday comes along. Everyone in the house is chipping in for it too. It's gonna be awesome.

If anyone has any ideas for music (besides the monster mash), food or activities (for young and old since there will be a wide range of ages); please don't hesitate to tell me! :D

We have most of the food planned out, though. Lol.

Real Mood: :pumpkin: Halloween Spirit (srsly, why no icon for it?)
  • Listening to: I Kissed a Girl
  • Reading: JTHM Director's Cut
  • Watching: Smallville season 7
  • Playing: Random online games
  • Eating: --
  • Drinking: --
Yes, I am going to be in the affected area of Gustav, just like I was for Katrina. Now, whether I'll be as lucky this time around, I don't know. Hopefully, the storm will veer as far west as possible. If that happens, life will be able to return relatively easy.

We're more than prepared with a month-and-a-half's worth of food, water, clothes, etc. for the both of us. Thankfully, we're neither on medication. My grandmother has a full house generator and a well system, so we'll be able to have fresh water (showers, cooking) and even AC if we get too hot. Assuming the storm goes far enough west and we can miss most of it.

I'm hoping that it will go from a four to a three (a three is worrysome, but not THAT bad). I just hope it is a three or less by the time it hits land. I doubt that though, considering it exploded when hitting the warm waters of Cuba, not even THE GULF OF MOTHERFUCKING MEXICO.

But, at any rate, once I can get to a computer post-Gustav, I will update on our status. We were planning on buying land and putting a home there, but the idea of us putting a modular home on my parent's property isn't sounding so bad at this point. At least in my town, we have a chance. Not here at D's parents. Lol.

Anyway, I know we will survive no matter what. I know that most of our house will be there. Considering Hanna is right behind Gustav, we may just say fuck the Gulf Coast. I'm tired of these, and it's obvious Cat 3+s are going to be a regular thing now. I vote someplace without hurricane's plzs.
  • Listening to: "CandyPop" - Heartsdale ft. SOUL'D OUT
  • Watching: Ranma 1/2 (season 2); Samurai 7 (disc 6)
  • Playing: KHII... Again.
I do believes I stole this from :iconsmiley-skull:

First you randomly pick 10 characters from a
manga/book/game/movie. They can be male or
female. Or even not human, I suppose.

I did an entire Kingdom Hearts one, 'cause I couldn't think of any other series I'm into with 10 characters... With names. XD
And, no I didn't look at the questions first. Also, this is assuming they all live on the same plain of existance. Otherwise, this would have been very boring.

1) Sora
2) Riku
3) Kairi
4) Roxas
5) Axel
6) Xemnas
7) King Mickey
8) Marluxia
9) Demyx
10) Goofy

Then you answer the questions below by plugging
in the person next to the respective number into
the question. It's kind of long… (Yeah, bloody hell it's long. >__<;)


Number 1 woke you up in the middle of the nightcause he/she had a bad dream?
[1 - Sora]

"Aw. D; Are you okay? Do you need a nightlight or something? [/completely not demeaning]"

Number 2 asked you to go out with him/her?
[2 - Riku]

"*BLUSH* Uuuuh... Yeah... Sure. :D" I mean, Riku isn't my fave, but I wouldn't kill him in a fire.


Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you'reshowering? (Assuming you forgot to lock the door
and not that you're an exhibitionist of some sort.)
[3 - Kairi]

"Hey, wait your turn!" Srsly. She's a girl. Big freakin' whoop.


Number 4 announced he's/she's going to marry
[4 - Roxas]

".... Namine or Axel?"


Number 5 cooked dinner for you?
[5 - Axel]

Thought: "S-should I eat it slowly and savor it or wolf it down to show my gratitude?"
Or I would go into a fangirl coma.


Number 6 was sitting beside you on a couch,
[6 - Xemnas]

I'd write "MANSEX" on his forehead in permanent marker.


Number 7 suddenly confessed to be part of your
[7 - King Mickey]

"Does this mean I get free trips to Disneyland?"


Number 8 got into the hospital somehow?
[8 - Marluxia]

"You do realize he's only doing this to get tons of flowers. How else can he produce so many rose petals?!"


Number 9 said your friends were all morons?
[9 - Demyx]

I don't think Demmypoo would ever say such a thing. D;


Number 10 began to ignore you?
[10 - Goofy]

"DDDD; WHAT DID I DO?!?! I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRY! Please forgive me! I don't know what I did, butbut.... GOOFY. D:"

Srlsy. Goofy is my fave Disney character EVER. I'd die if he ignored me. Especially if it was because he was mad at me.



Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will
Number 1 do?
[1 - Sora]



You're on a vacation with Number 2 and you
accidently break your leg while out in the
wilderness. What does Number 2 do?
[2 - Riku]

He'd apply first aid and probably offer me a piggy back or something. I get the feeling Riku is very kind-hearted, especially to girls.


It's your birthday. What will 3 give you?
[3 - Kairi]

Something pink and cute, but also practical. Like, pencils or something.


You're stuck in a burning house. What does
Number 4 do?
[4 - Roxas]

He'd blame Axel instantly. Then, he would GET THE FUCK OUT.


You're about to do something that will make you
feel extremely embarrassed. What will Number 5
[5 - Axel]

Either laugh or act like it's no big deal. Depending on how funny it is.


You're about to marry Number 10. What's Number
6's reaction?

[10 - Goofy] [6 - Xemnas]

The only thing Xemnas cares about is getting Kingdom Hearts. SO, he'd probably use our marriage to his advantage and kidnap me (similar to Kairi).


You got dumped by someone. How would
Number 7 cheer you up?
[7 - King Mickey]

D'AAAW. He'd try to be all "disney" about it and sing me a song. Maybe even do something old school like buy me flowers and candy. (Since... I love both. XD)


You're very angry at someone, how does Number
8 calm you down?
[8 - Marluxia]

He probably wouldn't care.


You compete in some tournament. How does
Number 9 support you?
[ 9 - Demyx]

He sings me a victory song or plays the Rocky theme on his sitar.


You can't stop laughing. What will Number 10 do?
[10 - Goofy]

He'd be the one to cause it! Then, he would start his "ahyuck"ing and that would just be AWESOME.



Number 1 says you're all he ever wanted. How do
you react?
[1 - Sora]

"WTFdude. You've got Kairi AND Riku having an inner battle over you. I do not need that dramu kthx. Although, you are very sweet."

Number 2 thinks that you are deeply in love with
Number 9. Your reaction?
[2 - Riku] [9 - Demyx]

"Uuuuh... No. I like Demyx as a friend and love hearing his sillyness/music, but... no."


You're dating Number 3 and introduce him/her to
your parents. Will they get along?
[3 - Kairi]

Wait, Kairi has parents?!


Number 4 thinks you love Number 9 was well.
What does that mean?
[4 - Roxas] [9 - Demyx]

"*Facepalm* What the hell is up with everyone?!"


You catch Number 5 kissing someone, Who is it?
[5 - Axel]

ROXAAAAAS. But, only in Roxas's sleep.


Number 6 appears to be a player, he breaks
many hearts. What do you do?
[6 - Xemnas]

.... ROFLMAO. XD Seriously. Xemnas? The only thing he can do is COLLECT hearts. I suppose that counts as breaking them, but the pun factor of this is HUGE.


You had a haircut and Number 7 can't stop
looking at you. What goes on in your mind?
[7 - King Mickey]

Did I get food on my face again?


Number 8 thinks he/she'll never get married. What
do you say?
[8 - Marluxia]

":Go away."


Number 9 sends you an e-mail asking you to meet
him/her somewhere. Now what?
[9 - Demyx]

Maybe he'll as me to form a band with him! :o I'll be singer and he'll play the sitar! XD


Number 10 says he's never kissed anyone
before. Your reaction:
[10 - Goofy]

Thankfully, Max doesn't exist in KH canon.
Inside, I'd be like, "AAAW."

But on the outside I'd be like, "*blush* C-can I be your first.....?"



Number 1 is wondering if he has a soulmate. What
do you say?
[1 - Sora]



Would Number 2 ever trust Number 5?
[2 - Riku] [5 - Axel]

Possibly. I can see them relating on many levels, but knowing both of them, they could never TRULY trust the other.


Number 3 wants to go shopping, will Number 7
come along?
[3 - Kairi] [7 - King Mickey]

Sure, if he's got the time for it! Since Kairi is around, the King probably isn't around Minney, so I'm sure he'd have some time to spare.


Number 4 is bored and pokes Number 10. What
happens after that?
[4 - Roxas] [10 - Goofy]

I think it would be the other way around. ^^; Roxas would just be like, "*grin* You goof."


Number 5 and Number 1 are forced to go to the
same school together. What study will they pick?
[5 - Axel] [1 - Sora]

Axel - Metal shop, only because of the welding bits. Maybe cooking, for obvious reasons.
Sora - The absolute basics and no more than that. Unless Heartless Bashing 101 is available.


If Number 6 and Number 3 cooked dinner
together, what would they make?
[6 - Xemnas] [3 - Kairi]

A cake shaped like a heart and Xemmy would steal it.


Number 7 and Number 9 apply for a job together.
What job?
[7 - King Mickey] [9 - Demyx]

The King would enlist Demyx into his entertainment. :3

Number 8 gives Number 5 a haircut. Is that okay?
[8 - Marluxia] [5 - Axel]

NO. No one is allowed to touch Axel's hair except for Axel.


Number 10 sketches Number 6. Will Number 6 be
[10 - Goofy] [6 - Xemnas]

Again, Xemnas wouldn't care unless it could benefit his scheme.


Number 10 and Number 8 are laughing while they
talk. What is their conversation about?
[10 - King Mickey] [8 - Marluxia]

Marluxia is doing one of those sarcastic "OHOHOHO. I shall defeat you!" things. The King might smirk. Maybe.



Number 1 accidentally kicked Number 10?
[1 - Sora] [10 - Goofy]

"Sorry, Goofy."
"Ahyuck. No problem, Sora! :D"

It's nothing worse than what Goofy does to himself. <3


Number 2 sent Number 9 an e-mail?
[2 - Riku] [9 - Demyx]

It's an electronic challenge letter.


Number 4 and Number 7 discovered they made
out while being drunk?
[4 - Roxas] [7 - King Mickey]

Axel is pissed, Namine is pissed, Queen Minney is pissed. Roxas and Mickey are freaking THE FUCK OUT.


Number 5 and Number 6 took a walk together,
what do they talk about?
[5 - Axel] [6 - Xemnas]

Xemnas giving the orders to kill Roxas.


Number 5 noticed she/he wasn't invited for your
[5 - Axel]

Not possible. Axel would be the second on the list!


Number 7 won the lottery?
[7 - King Mickey ]

He'd give it too the needy. <3 He's a king, what does he need money for?!?


Number 8 had quite a big secret?
[8 - Marluxia]

His hair isn't naturally pink. D:


Number 4 became a famous singer?
[4 - Roxas]

Well, he IS voiced by Jesse McCartney.


Number 10 had a daughter?
[10 - Goofy]

Best. Little Girl. EVER.



What would Number 1 think of Number 2?
[1 - Sora] [2 - Riku]

"IDK, my BFF Riku?"


What would Number 2 find weird about Number 3?
[2 - Riku] [3 - Kairi]

"FOR A WHOLE WEEK?!?!" - I'm sorry. It was the only thing I could think of. D;


How would Number 3 greet Number 4?
[3 - Kairi] [4 - Roxas]

"Hi, Roxas!" with a small wave and a smile. Just like everyone else.


What would Number 4 be jealous about Number
[4 - Roxas] [5 - Axel]

For being older, for getting more fangirls...


What dream would Number 5 have about Number
[5 - Axel] [6 - Xemnas]

"Kingdom HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRTS!" And then Axel would wake up in a cold sweat.


What do Number 6 and Number 7 have in
[6 - Xemnas] [7 - King Mickey]

They both want to win.


What would make Number 7 angry at Number 8?
[7 - King Mickey] [8 - Marluxia]

EVERYTHING. Marluxia is annoying. ((I threw him in for some laughs XD))

Where would Number 8 meet Number 9?
[8 - Marluxia] [9 - Demyx]

Some random room in the castle?


What would Number 9 never dare to tell Number
[9 - Demyx] [10 - Goofy]

"I cried a little when that rock hit you."


What would make 10 scared of 1?
[10 - Goofy] [1 - Sora]

Seeing him turn into Anti-Sora. That's his friend! Wouldn't it scare you?
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  • Reading: Only The Ring Finger Knows vol.2
  • Watching: Gunslinger Girl (1 - rewatching)
  • Playing: MapleStory
  • Eating: PB&amp;J sammich
  • Drinking: Tea
Soyeah. I got married! I'm still waiting to get most of the pictures back from the photographer and the actual wedding vid from Joey. But, as soon as I get them, I am so telling you guys.

I looked on my main page and realized I haven't updated since Xmas. O_o; I haven't really made an update anywhere, actually. Nothing (sans wedding) exciting has been happening.

But the wedding was awesome. Only the people I actually cared whether they came or not showed up. :D Our vows were short and sweet, the food (especially that cake!) was delicious. We had a MapleStory cake, as well. I had uber amounts of fun. My dress was heavy and make-up is a bitch. XD

I have a pic of me in my wedding dress as my new ID. :3

Well, that's all for now. Tune in next week when Vegeta gets a power level of over 9000, Goku gets and STD, Cloud realizes he's pregnant with Tifa's baby, Naruto goes into a coma, Skeletor has amnesia, and .... Someone...


DIIIIIEEEEE. *bum, bum, buuuuum*
  • Listening to: &quot;Try the Priest&quot; - Sweeny Todd Soundtrac
  • Watching: Princess Tutu (17)
  • Playing: GrimGrimoire
  • Drinking: Tea
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Honestly, nothing is really going on, just living life and running all over the place (thanks to my mothers. XD) Well, I just wanted to wish all my DA friends/watchers a merry Christmas and tell you about that day.

X-mas eve and morning was spent at my parents' house, lunch at Dennis' parents house and finally dinner with my grandmother and misc. family.

I got:
Deluxe Sweeny Todd soundtrack, Fuzzy white bathrobe with pink/red hearts, Black/purple shoes that say "I :heart: Jack" (as in Skellington, also, most comfy shoes ever), The movies "Freaks" "Hairspray" and "Midsummer Night Dream (30's)," Red/Black DS Lite with DS accessory kit, the first Phoenix Wright game, new pink skirt, new purple shirt, $50, heart feaux-diamond necklace, feaux leather journal, Paper dolls (Fairy and Japanese girl), And... I think that's it.

I'm supposed to get one more from Sammie, but we haven't been able to talk since pre-holiday rush, so...

BTW, I know that seems like a lot, but that was EVERYTHING from EVERYONE so far this holiday season. Most of the expensive stuff was from my lovely Dennis who likes to spoil me.
He told me I was a, "expensive honey." I retorted with, "Well, y'know, you didn't have to get me anything other than the bathrobe and I would have been happy."

About the day itself, we were running all over the place and didn't stay at one house for more than three hours. It was VERY hectic and I wish that we didn't have to go to so many houses. Plus, we live in the country, so that means that EVERYTHING is far apart. Nothing entertaining really happened and I got an upset stomach from all the food I ate.

Don't get me wrong now, I love the gifts I got, but Christmas just seems so... Boring. I mean, there's so much suspense built up for the days surrounding and then... It just happens. We open our gifts and the buzz is gone. I guess it would be cooler if it was like a yearly reunion for family I never see, but... That's not really the case. (I see 90% of them every day)

Well, that's all for today! I hope you all had a merry Christmas!
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  • Drinking: Tea
Woot! My most favourite holiday is finally here! I have my English homework to do before I head off to Sammie's party, but I'll get it done.

I'm either going to be some nameless goth or Lydia from Betelgeuse. The Goth just kept NOT working out. And, Sammie (at the last minute) decided to be Cho Chang; she was going to be Lydia. So, I think I might be Lydia. o_o;

At any rate, whatever I am, I'll upload pictures. ;3

Well, I hope you all have a happy halloween! ;3
Your Boy Side
[x] You love hoodies
[ ] You love jeans.
[ ] Dogs are better than cats.
[x] It's hilarious when people get hurt.
[ ] You've played with/against boys on a team.
[ ] Shopping is torture.
[ ] Sad movies suck.
[ ] You own an X-Box.
[ ] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid.
[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
[x] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega.
[x] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[ ] You watch sports on TV.
[ ] Gory movies are cool.
[ ] You go to your dad for advice.
[ ] You own like a trillion baseball caps.
[ ] You like going to football games.
[ ] You used to/do collect baseball cards.
[ ] Baggy pants are cool to wear.
[ ] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
[ ] Sports are fun.
[x] Talk with food in your mouth.
[x] Wear boxers.

Total = 8

Your Girl Side
[ ] You wear lip gloss.
[x] You love to shop.
[ ] You wear eyeliner.
[ ] You have some of the same shirts in different colors.
[XXXXXXX] You wear the color pink. :D
[ ] Go to your mom for advice.
[ ] You consider cheerleading a sport.
[ ] You hate wearing the color black.
[x] You like hanging out at the mall.
[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
[x] You like wearing jewelry.
[x] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. - Try the ONLY part of my wardrobe. XD
[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance.
[ ] It takes you around 1 hour to shower, get dressed, and put on make-up and accessories.
[x] You smile a lot more than you should.
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] You care about what you look like.
[x] You like wearing dresses when you can.
[ ] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.
[x] You wear girl underwear.
[x] Used to play with dolls as little kid.
[ ] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it.
[ ] Like taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone/camera when you're bored.

Total = 8


Ah is a freak of nature. O_O;
Let me get this straight, DeviantART...

I'm allowed to MAKE mature-content deviantions, but ... now I can't VIEW them?!

That's right. If you're under 18, you no longer get the privlage of choosing whether you want to see "mature content" or not. Since DA doesn't allow anything sexual, I really don't see the point of it anyway.

ANYWAY, what white collar bitch (or lawyer with too much time on their hands) made you create this rule, huh?

This is such fucking bullshit. >_>


Lawl. Old enough to be married, but not old enough to view mature content on DevianART. Way to go world. Way to fucking go.
Org Crack Addict Stamp by ladychimera Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Friends-s Stamp by ladychimera Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa

Mature Content

I Fucking Support Profanity by Plankhead
Organization XIII Stamp by shippouofdoom :thumb65764999: :thumb37897520: I Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSaku :thumb41959558:
Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez Stamp: Hot Fuzz by rockydennis Maple Story - Windia Stamp by ace-goldstar Otaku by chaifox
Okay. I took my GED and passed. That means I'm now as good as a high school graduate. :3

Now, I have to take my ACT. The Reading, Science, and English (writing AND multi-choice) are no problem. Most of that is just me getting a few wrong because I read to fast or wrote down the wrong letter. XD

No. The real problem is M-A-T-H. I've been taking several practice ACTs online. Most of the math just makes me sit there and go "Duuuh?"
Unless I have a crash course in algebra, there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to do ANYTHING on this ACT. What's worse is that I have to take it on the 8th. Today is the ... 3rd. FIVE DAYS. That's it.

I'm so effing doomed. D;

If anyone knows of a good algebra book, PLEASE let me know. I need it DESPERATELY.

There's a whole lot more about my family (mostly my mom and the people living with us) but... That's insanely long. XP

Um.. I have a job, but can't start it until I start school. :3

I go to take part ONE of my GED today.

I'll edit this to let you all know how it went.

Wish me luck! :D
Yeah. I'm going to attempt the 100 Theme Challenge. There's no particular media or fandom I'm picking. I'll probably be a combo of drawings and fanfiction, though.

[x] 1. Theme - Fandom (Or original) - [link]  ~ Complete.
[] 2. Theme - Fandom/Original - ~ Incomplete, Media Work in Process.
[] 3. Theme ~ Incomplete, No Media planned.

The List</u>
[] 1. Introduction
[] 2. Love
[] 3. Light
[] 4. Dark
[] 5. Rot
[] 6. Break
[] 7. Heaven
[] 8. Away
[] 9. Cut
[] 10. Breathe
[] 11. Memory
[] 12. Insanity
[] 13. Misfortune
[] 14. Smile
[] 15. Silence
[] 16. Spit
[] 17. Blood
[] 18. Under
[] 19. Gray
[] 20. Fortitude
[] 21. War
[] 22. Mother
[] 23. Distastefull
[] 24. Want
[] 25. Lurking
[] 26. Europe
[] 27. Foreign
[] 28. Sorrow
[] 29. Urban
[] 30. Rain
[] 31. Flower
[] 32. Night
[] 33. Wrath
[] 34. Moon
[] 35. Walk
[] 36. Precious
[] 37. See
[] 38. Abandoned
[] 39. Dream
[] 40. 4:29 PM
[] 41. Citric Acid
[] 42. Still
[] 43. Die
[] 44. Two Roads
[] 45. Two Guns
[] 46. Drop
[] 47. Dirt
[] 48. Young
[] 49. Preservatives
[] 50. Breaking the Rules
[] 51. Sport
[] 52. Old
[] 53. Desecrate
[] 54. Tower
[] 55. Need
[] 56. Biohazard
[] 57. Sacrificial
[] 58. Kick in the Head
[] 59. No Way Out
[] 60. Desert
[] 61. Fairy Tale
[] 62. Voodoo
[] 63. Do Not Disturb
[] 64. City
[] 65. Horrorific
[] 66. Snow
[] 67. Drum
[] 68. Hero
[] 69. Annoyance
[] 70. 67%
[] 71. Obsession
[] 72. Mislead
[] 73. I. Can't.
[] 74. Confrontation
[] 75. Mirror
[] 76. Broken
[] 77. Testament
[] 78. Drink
[] 79. FUCK
[] 80. Words
[] 81. Pen and Paper
[] 82. + - Maple Story -
[] 83. Heal
[] 84. Cold
[] 85. Sick
[] 86. Seeing Red
[] 87. Hunger
[] 88. Pain
[] 89. Through the Fire
[] 90. Triangle
[] 91. Drown
[] 92. Rape
[] 93. Iron
[] 94. Soft
[] 95. Advertisement
[] 96. Storm
[] 97. Safety
[] 98. Puzzle
[] 99. Alone
[] 100. Gone
  • Playing: Maple
I'm on Maple Story, trying to level.

(Story on that, because of our slow internet speed, Dennis' account was banned because they claimed he was hacking. It was really just our slow internet speed making it LOOK like he was hacking. So, we started over)

I'm only a level 13, but working my way back up to where I was.

Well, I'm in Perion killin' some stumps for Blackbull. There's people going by accidentally Kill Stealing me, and some are doing it on purpose. I don't really mind, it's a busy area. Well, there are these two chicks in particular who KEEP DOING IT. If they were around my level, it wouldn't be so bad. 'Cause, I would have a CHANCE of actually leveling. But, they aren't.

And, after a while, the higher level one says, "I'm not going to let you kill anything."

I ask her why and she says, "Because you don't deserve to."

One thing she doesn't know about me. You NEVER tell me I don't deserve something. I get super angry, but keep the peace. "Why?"

"Because my friend does."

.... WTF?

So, I just change channels and keep on fighting.


They're following me everywhere! TT_TT

I had to stop the game for a little while. That was just getting ridiculous. No matter where I went.
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One of my best friends Samwise created a board all about being a "fan." Talk about anything from anime to books to... Whatever! There's even an RPG section for small-ish RPGs. XD

You should all really check it out. We're both regular, talkative, understanding admins. We're both uber geeks and want to talk to fellow geeks about being geeky.

Or Nerdy.…
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Warning! This journal entry may contain spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts and Meet the Robinsons. Thanks. <3


I think I should stop d-loading these videos. XD I think they're starting to bog down my computer. Anyway, I've been hit with a hard-core KH obsession. Probably due to the fact that my internet was shut down for over a month. And, I had nothing else to fan over.

I've been d-loading the normal KHII cutscenes for AMV purposes. But, then the FM versions started leaking out. Not to mention, the translated Re:COM vids. And, I've started d-loading those. XD Unfortunately, the FM vids have no vocals and Japanese subs. So... I either have to find some subbed on YT OR slowly translate them myself. .... Neither is very easy. D;

AXEL IN TEARS! D; I JUST CAN"T TAKE IT! *fangirl dies*

Meet the Robinsons

Mmkay. Dennis, a few little siblings, little cousins, my aunt and I went to see that new Pixar movie Meet the Robinsons. NOT in 3-D.

IT WAS SO AWESOME. I just can't get enough of that movie. I want to see it again. (But not for $6.50) I went straight home and started trying to find fan media on it. That's not easy either. The movie is WAY too new. I guess I'm going to make some myself. >D Or possibly wait for it to come out on DVD. ....

Well, at any rate, I simply love the coupling of Corn-- Cornili--.... Lewis/Franny. It's so cute. I already have a plot-bunny for them. XD Normally, I semi-dislike Disney sequals, but I REALLY hope they make one for this! Don't ask me how, but d'arvit they should! XD
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Anyone care to seeee? ^_^

My hideous face and Top-half -… - My mom is holding it together. XD It didn't fit me at the time.

Bodice Detail -…

Bottom of Bodice -…

Front of Skirt -…

Train -…


I apologize for the HUGENESS of the pictures. XP It's just the way our camera loads them.
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